Top Ten Things to See and Do in Swaziland

El Escorial

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1. Prioritize budget airlines

My two years of learning about and working with plant medicine was life-changing in many regards. While my time in Peru came to an abrupt end, I continued my studies in Ecuador while working as a shaman’s assistant. But that too had a shelf life, and while I’m not sure what the future holds, at the moment I’m not called to work with plant medicine for a variety of reasons.

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In this episode, David takes us along on his tour of one of Moldova’s top attractions: the biggest wine cellar in the world, Milestii Mici. It actually holds the Guinness World Record for containing the largest wine collection and having the biggest cellar of any other winery in the world!

3. Shoot at the best time of day.

Why do people flock to Mount Everest, even in the face of a very real chance of death? Because it is the highest mountain in the world. And why does every student learn about the Nile River? Because, quite simply, no river runs longer. We are drawn to the highest peaks and edges of our capabilities – it is just human nature. So at 1,500 feet higher and 11 miles longer than the Inca Trail, the Salkantay Trail is the undisputable juggernaut of the many different paths to Machu Picchu.

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Further south another day trip option is to see the ruins of the Medieval town of Cherven. The town served as Bulgaria’s primary military, economic, and cultural center during the Second Bulgarian Empire between the 12th and 14th centuries. The remains of the town comprise an archaeological site. What there is left to see are the ruins of the feudal palace, fortified walls, churches, and administrative buildings. The best preserved construction in the site is the 12-meter-high, three-story defense tower.

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Admire the Architecture at Wat Arun

If you’re looking for a lot to do in a small area, Cambodia is the place for you. You can take sunset tours down a river, fly in hot air balloons, and sail from island to island all in just 2 days. Then you can spend another 2 days exploring ancient temples and overgrown city ruins.


Travel is more than the seeing of sights, it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of the living. – Miriam Beard


The 3 major islands are known long as round and little on account of their shape. Before going to the beach that is hidden Following a ship ride it was time to get some snorkeling. The islands are and include a national park secure, which explains the reason why guests are not allowed to apply sun screen there.


Don Gaiferos (Santiago de Compostela)

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Don Gaiferos (Santiago de Compostela)

Best Roman ruins in Galicia, Spain

Galibi may be little but it had a huge influence on me. The people were warm and encouraging. Why I love eating meals that was jungle-style, I was reminded by the cuisine, and also the authenticity is just what I find when I journey. And even though I did not get to find any turtles, even my 24 hours in Galibi was. Book a trip to Suriname to experience the top five things to do in Galibi. I guarantee you, if you’re anything like me, you will not be let down.

Best Roman ruins in Galicia, Spain